Camp Anderel

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Camp Anderel is open!

Click here for Girl Scout member rates. For more information or to reserve your spot, contact Tonya Sails at or 800-734-4541 x1028.
361 County Road 635
Rogersville, AL 35652


Wish list for Camp Anderel

Program Equipment

½ gross of fiberglass practice arrows with practice points
3 ethafoam targets 48” round
6 target faces 48” round
3 ground quivers
Lifejackets (all sizes)
Canoe paddles (all sizes)

Maintenance & Repairs
Thorough cleaning of either/both lodge (including cabinets, bathrooms, etc)
Sweet Gum has a rotten board between the back porch and the doorway entry that needs to be removed and replaced.
Remove the old torn up pool cover from the pool
Remove the water tube cover weights from the pool
Clean the pool and identify any issues with the liner
Repair any plumbing problems at the pool
Clean the bathrooms at the pool
Winterize the bathroom and the pool
Thorough Cleaning of the Dining Hall kitchen