Ropes Course/Team Building


Low Ropes/Team Building
TeamBuildingColeman_000The low ropes course includes ice breakers, self-awareness activities, group initiatives, team-building and adventure activities. The activities are designed to offer intentional opportunities for teamwork, communication, trust and cooperation. The program incorporates unusual group initiative, problem solving, and individual activities that give participants opportunities to examine their strengths, weaknesses, level of commitment, ability to work within the group, and decision making process.

For the group initiative and teambuilding activities, staff facilitators present a challenge to the group. The group must decide on a plan and work as a team, in order to successfully complete assigned tasks. Trained facilitators will observe the behaviors, actions, comments and methods of the group members. Upon completion of each activity, facilitators will help the group analyze their experience with a focus on participation, commitment, cooperation, and communication. Processing the experience in this manner allows group members to recognize strengths and weaknesses, examine personal behavior patterns, and evaluate their problem solving skills. By processing the total experience, trained staff facilitators help participants develop strategies for using new skills when dealing with similar situations on the job and at home. Groups should plan on a minimum of two hours for the Teambuilding and Low Ropes segment.

Ropes Course Safety
climbingwallcolemanRopes Course activities are conducted according to standards established by the Association for Challenge Course Technology. For more information, go to Statistics show that ropes courses are five times safer than regular school physical education programs. Low ropes course facilitators follow strict written operating procedures and activities are sequenced to build necessary skills. Participants are trained in active spotting techniques and supervised closely to ensure attentive, diligent spotting.

The ropes course requires active involvement and physical exertion – minor bumps, scrapes and bruises are a common consequence of enthusiastic, committed participation. Activity areas are equipped with a stocked First Aid kit and camp staff is currently certified in American Red Cross First Aid & CPR. Staff is trained to implement the site-specific operating procedures and emergency response plan for each activity area.