Frequently Asked Questions

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Membership Questions
Cookies/Fall Products
Volunteer Questions
Media Questions
Fundraising Questions

Membership Questions
Q. How can I find a troop in my area?
We are so glad you want to join the Girl Scouts! Please contact the community development manager who serves your county/area.

Camp Questions
Q. Where can I find rental information for each camp?
Visit each camp’s page to see rental information for troops, groups and churches/non-profits.

Q. Where can I register for summer camp?
Summer camp registration is online here!

Shop Questions
Q. I made an error when I placed my online shop order. How can I correct it?
Contact Cynthia Carson for assistance.

Q. I am having trouble with my online shop order. Who can help me?
Contact Cynthia Carson for assistance.

Q. I did not get an email receipt from my online order. Who can help me?
Contact Cynthia Carson for assistance.

Cookie/Fall Products
Q. Are Girl Scout Cookies tax deductible?
No. We wish they were!

Q. When can I buy Girl Scout Cookies?
Find a troop near you at!

Q. Where can I see the ingredients of Girl Scout Cookies?
Visit our baker’s website and click on the cookie you want to check out.

Other Girl Scout Cookie FAQs
Fall Product FAQs

Volunteer Questions
Q. I want to volunteer. What do I need to do?
That’s great! Please fill out a Volunteer Application, which will start the process.

Media Questions
Q. I am concerned about some of the stuff I’ve seen in the news recently about Girl Scouts. Who can answer my questions?
Thank you for reaching out to us directly. Please contact the communications department for assistance.

Program Questions
Q. I have a great idea for a new program.  Who can I contact?
We love new programs!  Please contact a GSLE Manager.

Fundraising Questions
Q. I’ve got a great fundraising program where Girl Scouts can get a portion of the sales. How can we get your Council involved?
Girl Scouts do not sell items other than Girl Scout Cookies or Fall Products. Any troop fundraising projects other than the two council-sponsored sales are approved individually through our resource development department. If you’d like to donate a portion of your sales to the Girl Scouts, contact our director of resource development.