Branding Guidelines

The words “Scout,” “Scouts” and “Scouting” should never appear without the modifier “Girl,”and each word should be capitalized.

  • Also, we are “Girl (singular) Scouts,” not “Girls Scouts.”

We are a part of a national organization called Girl Scouts of the USA.  “Girl Scouts of America” should never be substituted for “Girl Scouts of the USA.”

Following are guidelines for using our council name:

  • “Girl Scouts of North-Central Alabama” should always have a hyphen between “North” and “Central.”
  • When the full name of the Council is used for the first time in a document, it should be followed by the abbreviation “GSNCA.” Thereafter, the abbreviation may be used instead of the full name.
  • The word “Council” is not a part of our name. (For example, we should never refer to ourselves as the “North-Central Alabama Council.”)
  • The word “Council” should always be capitalized when referring to Girl Scouts of North-Central Alabama. When referring to other Girl Scout councils in general, capitalization is not necessary.
  • Legacy Council names should no longer be used (i.e. please use Girl Scouts of North-Central Alabama instead of referencing Cahaba Girl Scout Council, Tombigbee Girl Scout Council, Girl Scouts of North Alabama or Cottaquilla Girl Scout Council.

 GSNCA logo_thumbThe Girl Scout service mark consists of the three profiles (the logo) accompanied by the logotype (“Girl Scouts®”) set in specific proportions. Standard usage guidelines include:

  • They may be reproduced only from approved artwork. Other versions are obsolete.
  • They may never be redrawn, reproportioned, or modified in any way.
  • If a larger or smaller version is required, image must be reduced or enlarged so the proportions remain exactly as designed.
  • The symbols may never be pulled apart from the logotype and used as separate design elements.
  • They should not be shaded or screened.
  • The Girl Scout logo should be used in its two-color format when possible: black words, and a green trefoil.  It is acceptable to use a solid black logo. It is also acceptable to use white words on a dark background.
  • When reproducing the service mark on a dark background, it should be reversed out (printed white).
  • If the logo will be placed on a one-color item (T-shirt or promotional item), the logo may be used in that one color – but it should all be in that color.  i.e., if it is a purple T-shirt with pink writing, the logo may appear in pink (including the trefoil).
  • The trefoil may be used alone, but it must always be printed in a shade of green as close to PMS 355 as possible.
  • The trefoil may not have any graphics or photos inside it.
  • Those wishing to reproduce the Girl Scout logo or the Girl Scout name must submit a written request to Robyn Tucker at A proof from a vendor must be provided (if applicable) to be approved as well.
    • A Marketing Agreement is required for outside organizations wishing to use our logo. Contact the communications coordinator to discuss.

T-Shirt Do’s and Dont’s

Do –

Don’t –

  • Put artwork or words around the logo or trefoil. Girl Scout logos should stand alone.
  • Manipulate the logo’s colors.  Use the logo usage guidelines to help you, or ask the communications department.