Celebrate Volunteers

Girl Scout volunteers have served as valuable role models, advisors, and advocates for millions of girls since Juliette Gordon Low founded the organization in 1912. They are the backbone of our organization and serve over 15,000 girls just in North-Central Alabama, providing an average of 85 to100 hours of Girl Scout programs each year. As volunteers these individuals receive no financial payment for the time, energy, and commitment they donate to the girls of our council. Their reward is in the giving and knowing they are making a difference in someone’s life. However, they still like to know that someone appreciates what they do.

Here are some ideas on how you and the girls can celebrate with your troop volunteers.

  • Make posters or giant cards showing how important and appreciated your leaders are.
  • Plan a surprise party or cook-out for them and their families.
  • Create a scrapbook or collage of troop activities to give them.
  • Make a special craft or gift for them.
  • Send them and a guest to dinner and the movies – all expenses paid.
  • Provide a meal for their families.
  • Give them each a rose or daisies!
  • Plant a flower, tree, or garden to honor them.
  • Offer to cook a meal for your leaders or plan a special dinner in their honor.

Thank you for supporting the Girl Scouts of North-Central Alabama!