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Each year, thousands of girls across North-Central Alabama gain valuable knowledge while providing the community with a special treat—Girl Scout cookies.

The Girl Scout Cookie Program, an integral part of Girl Scouting’s Financial Literacy initiative for girls ages 5-17, provides finance, marketing and public speaking skills, along with valuable experiences that build girls’ self-confidence and help them develop their own personal leadership styles. For more information regarding the Girl Scouts Cookie Program, please contact Nicole Harris.

Be sure to go to to find the booth sale nearest you!

Trivia: All Girl Scout Cookies don’t have the same name. The name depends on the bakery each council uses.

Get in the Spotlight… with Girl Scout Cookies!

Families can help girls by practicing their sales talk, accompanying girls door-to-door, taking them to work, volunteering for booth sales and monitoring emails sent to family and friends.

Help your Girl Scout set goals for this year’s Cookie Program. Discuss together her personal and team goals. Help her set personal goals that will increase her life skills. Ask her how you can help her reach these personal goals.

Congratulate her when she is successful. When she faces challenges, always encourage her to learn from it and think of what she will do differently next time. Thank you for encouraging and supporting your Girl Scouts during the Cookie  Program.

Trivia: Thin Mints are the number-one seller nationwide.