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Girl Marketing Resources

Girl Scouts know- the more tools you have, the more success you’ll have! Access our DropBox folder full of resources for girls at booth or door-to-door sales.


Goal-setting begins with make-believe.

If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. This season opens with setting team and personal goals, and then tracking success.

Spotlight on Role-Playing

Creative role-playing helps young leaders sharpen their communication skills. Girls brainstorm by performing their ideas for what they want to do with their cookie proceeds. Younger girls can practice connecting and communicating with finger puppets. They can also practice how to overcome obstacles to meeting their goals.

Best Selling Tips

  • Set goals — both short-term and long-term. Break the long-term goal into small, short-term goals. It is not so overwhelming to set a short-term goal of 50-100 boxes a week.
  • Have confidence in what you sell. We sell a great cookie, but we are really selling Girl Scouts. Most people buy because they want to support Girl Scouts. So let your customers know what you are going to do with the funds your troop earns.
  • Wear your uniform or be neatly dressed with a Girl Scout pin.
  • Be friendly and cheerful. Wear a smile — especially if they say no!
  • Have a cookie order card and a pen/pencil with you at all times.
  • Let the customer write down their information and order.
  • Know the eight varieties and cost.
  • Always say “thank you” to customers whether they order or not. A thank-you note is especially nice; just be sure to use only your first name or troop number. In a thank-you note, be sure to mention that they helped you meet your goals.

Safety Tips

  • Always sell in pairs.
  • Brownie and Junior Scouts should be accompanied by an adult. Older girls should inform parents of whereabouts.
  • Take orders and deliver cookies to the front door only.
  • Never enter a home or an apartment or accept refreshments from a customer.

For the safety and security of the girls who are selling cookies, Girl Scout cookies are not available for purchase online.

For more information regarding the Girl Scout Cookie Program, please contact Nicole Harris.