Leadership Initiative

YoungWODDeveloping leadership skills is perhaps the most important tenet of the Girl Scout Movement, and it is something we strive to instill in every girl who participates.

In Girl Scouts, leadership is not just about building future leaders, but also about building girl leaders for today. The Girl Scouts of North-Central Alabama promotes leadership by supporting the model that a leader is defined by the qualities and skills one has, as well as by how those qualities and skills are used to make a difference. Girls develop into leaders through a variety of activities that promote responsibility, self-discipline, listening skills, teamwork, and the ability to direct and delegate. These skills prepare girls for futures in every career field and are essential in helping them to achieve their personal goals.
KatiePackard_000It’s no question that Girl Scouting builds leaders. Take Katie for example. Katie is a 6th-grade Cadette from North Alabama and is one of only 250 middle-school students from across the country who has been selected to attend the Jr. National Youth Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C. in October. “I feel Girl Scouts has taught me a lot about leadership, character, and believing in myself,” said Katie. “I have learned to put others first; I have also learned to ask questions, listen to the answers, and work together in a group.”

Katie’s mother, Debbie, credits the Girl Scouts to Katie’s success. “In the six years that Katie has been involved with Girl Scouts, I have seen her grow in character, courage, and confidence. She takes an active leadership role in the troop and encourages the younger girls towards success. Her teacher nominated her for this honor based on Katie’s maturity, strength of character, service to others, and leadership abilities. These attributes are qualities that Katie has had nurtured by her involvement in Girl Scouts.”

Pictured: (Top) Tuscaloosa area Young Woman of Distinction 2008.

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