Girls GO Tech

Girls Go Tech LogoThrough the Girls GO Tech program, Girl Scouts of North-Central Alabama (GSNCA) introduces girls to the wonders of engineering and science. The program provides girls with firsthand experience working as engineers—from designing toys and building turbines, to meeting professional engineers. Girls GO Tech curriculum also helps girls gain critical-thinking and practical-life skills while promoting cooperation and teamwork.

Each of the five Girls GO Tech topic encompasses up eight hours of programming which includes hands-on activities, supplies, information on careers and role models, and a leader guide. Training is provided for volunteers who wish to use the materials with girls. Thanks to grant funding, the cost will be $5 per girl per topic through August 31, 2013.

Design Time: This topic combines girls’ love of play and creativity with the engineering design process. Girls will build and design toys, packaging to protect cookies, bags for a “customer,” and a unique bubble wand and solution. Working together in teams, girls will brainstorm ideas and make sketches, prototypes and marketing plans.

Engineers to the Rescue:  Survival skills meet science as girls design water filters, wind-powered cranks, a message-carrying car and safe shelter for a make-believe camping trip in Yellowstone National Park. After an earthquake strikes the fictional campground, power, food and water are unavailable.

Make It Green: Girls will learn about green design and, in the process, develop science and engineering skills. They will construct a green studio from start to finish—from brainstorming an idea, to creating a floor plan, to building “green.” Through smaller activities, girls will explore and reflect on energy usage in their homes, and consider ways in which they can change their habits to lessen their environmental impact.

Power It Up (6th grade & up only): Girls will learn about electronics and circuitry through a series of hands-on investigations. They will begin with exploration of snap circuits, learn about basic electronic components and build different kinds of circuits. Girls have the option to learn how to solder, and make a tilt lantern and electric game board that they can take home.

ThrillBuilders: Girls will learn about and explore simple machines in their everyday lives as they build a merry-go-round, a bean-bag toss and a race car. They’ll also engineer the ultimate playground of their imagination