Property Updates

Purpose of the Three-Phase Property Plan:
To provide an enhanced camp experience with the reduced cost of fewer facilities so GSNCA can be the best at providing a valuable leadership experience for girls that is fun and relevant in a safe environment.

November 20, 2013–

The board of directors unanimously passed a resolution that will allow the closed and rested camps to be used on a “limited use” basis for troop camping beginning January 15, 2014. The camps will remain open pending the outcome of the re-evaluation and strategic planning process. The camps included are Camp Anderel in Rogersville, Camp Coleman in Trussville, Camp Tombigbee in West Alabama and Camp Trico in Guntersville.

“Since the three-phase property plan was approved, we’ve had a number of members step forward with creative ideas and solutions that will allow the camps to re-open on a limited use basis,” said Sarah Edwards, president of the board of directors. “The board of directors is ultimately responsible for the fiduciary management of the organization and therefore we recognize the importance of ensuring that the re-opening of the camps is done so with a great deal of thought.”

“Limited use” means that no staff, instructors or services will be provided and that troops will be responsible for bringing their own equipment and supplies. More detailed information, by camp, will be available to members by year-end.

“Opening the camps on a limited use basis provides us with an opportunity to see if this particular model is feasible and more importantly, sustainable,” said Edwards. “We just recently began the process of conducting a comprehensive strategic plan for the organization, so this test run will help us in that process.”

June 12, 2013–

The board of directors unanimously voted in favor of a resolution to reconsider the three phase property plan approved in May 2012. The resolution states that no GSNCA camp properties will be sold during the re-evaluation process pending the outcome of a new comprehensive strategic plan that will be developed for the organization. This plan will include obtaining new input from the membership, outside experts and community partners.

To view the entire resolution, click here.

May 29, 2013–

Your GSNCA Board of Directors has approved the following resolution:

Be it resolved that the “Three Phase Property Plan,” previously approved by this Board, is hereby amended as follows:

Camp Coleman and Camp Trico will not be “closed effective May 31, 2013” as originally approved by the Board, but shall instead be “rested” effective May 31, 2013. Further, it is resolved that Camp Coleman and Camp Trico shall remain “rested” pending further evaluation and vote of this Board.

The Board is working together well as we diligently focus on the Girl Scout mission.

For the Girls,
Rachel Russell, Former GSNCA Board President
February 6, 2013–

In an effort to keep you informed and remain transparent, we have an update to share regarding the lawsuit filed by Sarah Edwards. The December 7, 2012 filing in which GSNCA filed a motion to dismiss the petition for pre-suit discovery, a motion to transfer the case to Shelby County and a motion requesting summary judgment. All three motions were denied at a hearing on December 20, 2012, and we moved forward responding to the request for documents and answers to questions presented in the lawsuit.

Today, GSNCA has formally responded to the discovery requests as the result of the lawsuit filed by Sarah Edwards. Thanks to the GSNCA staff who worked so diligently in gathering the information. Staff spent 339 hours searching for and gathering 10,945 pages of documents in response to the discovery requests. GSNCA has requested to be reimbursed for reasonable expenses, that took away from our mission of serving girls — $50 an hour for staff time ($16,950) and $.50 a page ($5,472.50) — before the actual documents are produced to Ms. Edwards and her attorneys, Bradford & Ladner. Please take a moment to read the official response so you can be informed of the latest property development.

Yours in Girl Scouting,
Chris Ross, Former GSNCA Board Chair
Patricia K. Coghlan, Former GSNCA CEO

December 7, 2012

We have had some developments related to our property plan that we wanted to share. A petition for pre-suit discovery has been filed by Sarah Edwards against the Girl Scouts of North-Central Alabama regarding the three-phase property plan. The Girl Scouts of North-Central Alabama has done nothing wrong in making this decision.

We have consistently promised to keep our membership informed as we move forward. Please take a few moments to review several documents related to the petition for pre-suit discovery so you can be informed of the latest property developments. You can view the documents, including our response set forth in this case, below:

Petition for Pre-Suit Discovery: Sarah Edwards (petitioner) vs. GSNCA (respondent)
Memorandum of Law
Affidavit of Patricia Coghlan, GSNCA CEO
Exhibit – Mission & Vision
Exhibit – Membership Statistics
Exhibit – Property Assessment Committee Presentation
Exhibit – Property Committee Agenda & Conclusion
Exhibit – Minutes of May 9, 2012 Board Meeting
Exhibit – May 2012 issue of Property Updates
Exhibit – June 2012 issue of Propery Updates
Exhibit – Friends of Camp Coleman Web Pages
Exhibit – GSNCA Bylaws
Exhibit – 2012 Audit – DRAFT
Exhibit – Requested Documents Already Provided
Exhibit – GSNCA Property Appraised Values

Our organization remains committed to providing over 15,000 girl members in 36 counties a valuable leadership experience that is fun and relevant in a safe environment.

Yours in Girl Scouting,
Chris Ross, Former GSNCA Board Chair
Patricia K. Coghlan, Former GSNCA CEO

August 22, 2012–

Fellow Girl Scouts,
This plan ensures as many girls in our area as possible have access and opportunity to build friendships and learn leadership skills in the great outdoors. Girl Scouting provides unmatched camping experiences that will grow stronger by adapting and changing to meet the needs girls tell us they have today. The decision to rest or sell a camp is not made lightly, is not a decision we want to make, and was done with vast input.  Many of our camps need some major improvements or updates, and divesting ourselves of underutilized property will enable us to invest in property(ies) that can be what girls want. We understand the emotional toll this has on some members. Nonetheless, at the heart of this decision is what’s best for meeting the needs of today’s girls.

Yours in Girl Scouting,
Chris Ross, Former GSNCA Board Chair

Responses to Property Plan Questions from the Board of Directors – August 22, 2012

Property Presentation Video for Girl Members

CEO Address to Membership, May 10th, 2012 (will take a moment to download, please be patient)
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