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GSNCA Strategic Plan — Make Your Voice Heard!

In partnership with Clarus Consulting, GSNCA has been engaged in a strategic planning process over the past year to establish a clear vision for Council’s future.

What we did: More than 500 stakeholders were engaged including girl members, adult volunteers, staff members, community partners, key funders and organizational leadership. Clarus and the Council’s strategic planning committee met and reviewed the data gathered from these groups.

Based on the feedback, the committee identified four priorities, and then it broke these down into goals and objectives to help us move forward with our mission. On May 10, 2014, the strategic plan was unanimously approved by the board of directors.

The Plan: The strategic plan is broken down into four priority areas: Financial Resources, Communication & Partnerships, Membership Growth & Retention, and Organizational Development.

Read the strategic plan goals and objectives here.