ToGetHerThere Alabama

ToGetHerThere Alabama is an exciting new initiative of Girl Scouts of North-Central Alabama (GSNCA) aimed at enriching our state’s most vulnerable group, underserved girls ages 5-17.

Since 1917, the bold mission of Girl Scouts continues building girls of courage, confidence and character, who make the world a better place. Through our many years of work with hundreds of thousands of girls in Alabama, we’ve seen that there is greatness in every girl that’s hard to suppress. But according to national research, a cycle of discouragement is stopping girls from moving forward. They’re backing down from their aspirations. They’re opting out from activities they once loved. They’re even shying away from raising their hands in class.

Unequivocally, we believe by providing today’s girls with a supportive environment, it will help many become tomorrow’s role models, leaders and captains of industry, while reaching their fullest potential in all aspects of society.

In partnership with AmeriCorps VISTA and the Corporation for National and Community Service, Federal assistance providers, ToGetHerThere Alabama will:


• Educate and empower girls to engage in leadership roles, realize their aspirations and embrace their potential as future leaders;

• Break down some of the societal and socioeconomic barriers hindering girls from leading and achieving;

• Help each girl identify her unique talents and tap into her interests to become the leader she wants to be;

• Strengthen skills by providing a variety of opportunities to excel, exceed and lead in a safe and supportive environment with the close collaboration of business professionals and mentors in the girls’ areas of interest;

• Instill confidence girls will need to succeed by practicing to be leaders and entrepreneurs;

• Help girls develop critical skills that build confidence and reignite aspirations.

The Need

Today’s girl is backing down, opting out, and playing small. She lacks role models and mentors from professional fields. She’s confronted by unhealthy images of female beauty, and the mean-girl culture of her peers holds her back. Girls start opting out of leadership around 5th grade; however, girls today represent humanity’s greatest untapped talent pool. In fact, 80 percent of women business owners, 69 percent of female U.S. Senators and virtually every female astronaut today were Girl Scouts. Research from the Girl Scout Research Institute has shown that  investing in girls today will produce the greatest return in economic development, social progress and public health, improving not only individual lives, but the fabric of society overall.

An in-depth study commissioned by Girl Scouts of the USA and conducted by Roper Research, solicited nationally the opinions of girls ages 8–17. It was designed to understand the ways in which girls are engaging in leadership roles, learn the challenges girls face today in realizing their leadership aspirations, and motivate the adults in their lives—family members, teachers, coaches, mentors, community leaders—to take steps to help girls embrace their potential as future leaders and strong women.

To launch the ToGetHerThere Alabama initiative, a community task force of community leaders will be formed in each of the 36 counties served by Girl Scouts of North-Central Alabama. This group will identify, plan for and serve the girls in their county. For more information contact GSNCA at 205-453-9525.